Information Management

Basic Policy on Information Security


In order to protect our customers' information assets and information assets held by our group from various threats and to fulfill our social mission as a business enterprise with a mission of "Spreading Accountability," our group has established this basic policy and other related rules and regulations as our information security policy, and implements the following initiatives.


  1. The Group shall take all possible measures to ensure the security of customer information handled in the course of business, and shall always place the highest priority on preventing the loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of such information.
  2. The Group will also implement appropriate security measures for the Group's information assets in accordance with their level of importance, while making the most effective use of them.
  3. The Group shall continuously educate and enlighten its directors, employees, and employees of subcontractors regarding information security and ensure that they are fully aware of the information security policy.
  4. The Group will maintain and improve information security by continuously assessing the risks of information assets from various perspectives, taking into account technological advances and changes in the business environment, and by reflecting these assessments in the Information Security Policy and various measures based on it.
  5. The Group strives to ensure information security by conducting regular audits of the status of various information security-related operations and taking appropriate corrective measures as necessary.
  6. The Group complies with all laws, regulations, and other norms related to information security.

Enacted October 1, 2013
Revised April 21, 2017
Avant Group Corporation
Tetsuji Morikawa, President and Group CEO