The status of the Company's internal system for the timely disclosure of corporate information is as follows.

(1)Basic Policy on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information

We recognize that the timely disclosure of corporate information is the only means by which the Company can be widely understood in fulfilling its social responsibilities, and that it is an important function that plays a role in coordinating with the Company's stakeholders and in forming corporate governance. The Company is committed to providing such information in a timely, appropriate, and fair manner.

(2) Status of Internal System for Timely Disclosure

Material facts concerning the Company's business operations, etc. are managed by the director in charge, who is responsible for handling information, and the Group Corporate Management Office, the division in charge, is responsible for timely disclosure, and is working to strengthen and improve the timely disclosure system.

Since we handle our customers' financial information, we make every effort to thoroughly familiarize our customers with the laws and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Law, the rules and regulations of the stock exchanges, and our internal "Insider Information Management Regulations," and conduct training as part of our internal education curriculum.

In light of the social climate and impact of information management, we have also established an Information Security Committee, which is currently formulating a security policy and various related regulations to strengthen our company-wide information management system.

(3) Timely Disclosure Flow

Important matters related to business operations, etc., are communicated and shared at each meeting and in reports, and matters subject to timely disclosure are subject to the prescribed disclosure procedures under the control of the person responsible for handling information.

Information on urgent matters, decisions on other important matters, and information on financial results is gathered by the Information Management Manager, who scrutinizes and confirms the contents, and if the information is determined to be subject to timely disclosure, it is disclosed by means of release distribution and posting on the Company's website after the prescribed disclosure procedures. After the prescribed disclosure procedures, information that is deemed to be subject to timely disclosure is disclosed by distributing a release or posting it on our website.

(4) Monitoring of Timely Disclosure System

1) Directors who are members of the Audit Committee

The Company attends meetings of the Board of Directors and other important meetings to report important occurrences and audit the status of decisions related to corporate information, and comprehensively monitors the operation of internal systems related to timely disclosure, including confirmation of financial results information and financial status.

2) Board of Directors regarding timely disclosure

The Company's Board of Directors, including certified public accountants, and directors who are members of the Audit and Supervisory Committee, confirm the appropriateness of the preparation of timely disclosure documents and securities reports to be resolved at the Board of Directors meetings with respect to financial information and other matters that fall under the category of timely disclosure.

<Overview of Timely Disclosure System>
<Overview of Timely Disclosure System>