Basic Policy on Internal Control Systems and Status of Improvement

In order to fulfill the responsibilities of corporate organization and activities as a public institution of society, and to ensure the growth of business and the continuous and efficient operation of the corporate organization, the Company has established the General Meeting of Shareholders as the highest organ of the Company, and the following organizational design and internal control system.

  • We have established a Board of Directors and selected a representative director to ensure accurate decision-making, speedy execution of business operations, and the establishment of a board of directors.
  • Establishment of Audit Committee, audit of the execution of duties by the Directors by the Audit Committee Members, election and dismissal of the Accounting Auditor, and determination of the content of proposals concerning the non-reappointment of the Accounting Auditor; and
  • Establish an accounting auditor to ensure the appropriateness of financial reporting and internal controls through accounting audits, improve disclosure and information provision functions, and ensure that the company's financial reporting and internal controls are appropriate.
  • Compliance and Risk Management Committee ("CRM Committee"), chaired by the President, and Information Security Committee to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, and rules and to address important risks.

In addition, the Board of Directors has adopted the following basic policy regarding the development of internal control systems.