Maximize the social impact of the Avant Group
through group restructuring.
We will contribute to our clients'
"corporate value enhancement"
through management DX.

The company exists to create a better society and is responsible for solving some social issues.
The idea that "a company is a public entity of society" was the origin of my founding.
And if a company is a public entity of society, I want to use IT to help society by contributing to the enhancement of corporate value of many companies.
This is the basic philosophy of the Avant Group.


How can we improve corporate value?


I think there are two things.


First, management can measure the corporate value of the company.
I call this "pricing."
Assess and value the company's corporate value based on various information including non-financial information as well as financial information.
Price is not equal to share price.
Pricing is the act of setting a specific figure for the corporate value of a company.
By quantifying the desire of the Company to be a public entity of society, the liquidity of people, goods and money among businesses will increase, and business restructuring and optimization will advance.


The second is to enhance the accountability of management.
Accountability is often translated as "accountability," but I believe that this is not a one sided explanation but rather a "capacity for dialogue."
By improving the quality of creative dialogue with various stakeholders, we will improve our ability to discover issues and resolve issues for the Company's growth.
By the way, managers are not necessarily "people on the management team."


By creating Environment Solutions in which not only the CEO, CFO and other executive officers and outside directors, but also all people involved in the business have access to high-quality management information, determination of corporate value and creative dialogue with stakeholders will become the culture of the company.
This is the essence of the "popularization of management information" promoted by the Avant Group. To put it simply, it is the "DX of management."
Management information is the life of a manager who aims to sustainably increase corporate value.


Management information that clarifies the process for determining the value of corporate value and the actions to be taken to maximize the value.
Management information that contributes to creative dialogue with stakeholders and enables the realization of management by all employees.
The significance of the existence of the Avant Group lies in providing an environment in which people can access this kind of management information.


The Group was reorganized in October 2022.
Through this reorganization, we will maximize the social impact of the Group and aim to make a leap forward as a "group that contributes to the enhancement of corporate value through management transformation."


The current status of the Group is simply a process.
In order to provide the best value to our customers, we will always transform ourselves to the optimal formation.


We will update the ability to view valuable management information, tools to create and deliver management information to managers, and group management methods. We will also update the capabilities of each employee while maintaining a "Group perspective."


All in order to contribute to the "enhancement of corporate value" of our clients.
We hope you will look forward to the new Avant Group.


Tetsuji Morikawa
President and Group CEO,
Avant Group Corporation

Brand Logo

We are a corporate group that was born to spread sustainable corporate management through the "popularization of management information" that realizes management by all employees using information technology.

After a quarter of a century of activities, changes in the social environment and the evolution of technology have made our mission even more important for society.
In order to continue pursuing this mission together with a large number of customers and members, we have created this logo as a flag to express our management philosophy.


This logo consists of 100 squares with the corporate philosophy of "creating a 100-year company" as a design motif. In addition, the visualization of numerical values is represented by a design similar to a histogram, and the mission of "popularization of management information" is expressed. The gradation from white to black that spreads from the lower left to the upper right represents the process of change in which the impact of the Group permeates society (i.e., contributing to society).


Monotone colors are used. This is derived from "white," which is a mixture of the three primary colors of light, and "black," which is a mixture of the three primary colors of color, and represents that the Group's business is formed by the teamwork of its unique members.


We believe that the circle of our activities will expand strongly if each of us translates this meaning into words and translates it into action.