Commitment to the reorganization

Maximize the social impact of the Avant Group through group restructuring.
We will contribute to our clients' "corporate value enhancement" through management DX.

Companies exist to create a better society and play a role in solving some social issue.
The idea that "a company is a public institution of society" is the starting point of my foundation.
And if a company is a public institution of society, we want to help society by using IT to help many companies improve their corporate value. This is the basic philosophy of the Avant Group, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.
So how can we improve our corporate value? We believe there are two.

The first is that management can measure its own corporate value.
I call this "pricing".
We determine the corporate value of a company based on a variety of information, including financial as well as non-financial information, and put a value on it ourselves.
Value does not equal stock price.
Value determination is the act of putting a concrete number on your company's corporate value.
By quantifying the desire of the company to be "a public institution of society," the mobility of people, goods, and money among businesses will be enhanced, and business restructuring and optimization will be promoted.

The other is to increase the accountability of management.
Accountability is often translated as "accountability," but I see it as the ability to engage in dialogue rather than one-sided explanations.
By improving the quality of our creative dialogue with various stakeholders, we will hone our ability to identify and solve problems for the company's growth.

Incidentally, a manager is not necessarily a "person in the management level.
By creating an environment in which not only the CEO, CFO, and other executive officers and outside directors, but also everyone involved in the business has access to high-quality management information, the value of the company will be determined and creative dialogue with stakeholders will become part of the company's culture.
This is the essence of "Spreading Accountability" that the Avant Group has been promoting, or simply put, "DX of management.
Management information is a lifeblood for managers seeking to continuously increase corporate value.

Management information that clarifies the process of determining the value of corporate value and the actions to be taken to maximize the value. Management information that provides material for creative dialogue with stakeholders and enables the realization of management by all. The significance of the existence of the Avant Group lies in providing an environment in which people can access this kind of management information.

On October 1, the new Avant Group was launched.
1. new DIVA, which is responsible for "Consolidated Financial Disclosure DX" to promote creative disclosure.
2. New Avant is responsible for "Management Information DX" to visualize corporate value.
3. New Zeal, which is responsible for "DX of data utilization infrastructure" to accelerate data-driven management.
This reorganization will maximize the social impact of the Avant Group. We aim to make a leap forward as "a group that contributes to the enhancement of corporate value through management DX.

The current state of the group is only a process.
We are constantly transforming ourselves into the best formation to provide the best value to our customers.
We will update our discernment to compile valuable management information, update our tools to create and deliver management information to management, update our group management methods, and update the capabilities of each employee with a group perspective.
All in order to contribute to the "enhancement of corporate value" of our clients.
We hope you will look forward to the new Avant Group.
And we look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.