Based on the corporate philosophy of “creating a company that will last 100 years,” all member of the Avant Group is striving to realize its founding mission of “spreading accountability.” Our goal is to “BE GLOBAL.” We will evolve into a world-class software company and contribute to the development of society and the economy.



Creating a 100-year Company
- A company where everyone is passionate about value creation -

The Group’ s corporate philosophy is to be a company that lasts 100 years as a result of passing on its transparency and management philosophy as a “public entity” from generation to generation, and all its members
being passionate about providing value to society in a free and creative manner.


Spreading Accountability

- Turning management information into a map of the future -

Our group’s corporate mission is to build a management information system that enables many companies to create sustainable corporate value for the future by the realization of “Spreading Accountability”
and, by extension, to spread “best management” widely throughout society.


- A World-class Software Company -

While pursuing growth opportunities in Japan, the Group aims to establish itself as a world-class software company, using world-class SaaS companies as benchmarks.



The following values are important to the employees of our group.
OPEN: Based on an open spirit.
VALUE: Foster a passion for value creation.
STRETCH: Challenge to be the best.


To be a software company that increases corporate value.


Since its establishment, the Avant Group has been striving for the creation of high-quality management and employment with the mission of “spreading accountability. In particular, in the field of consolidated accounting systems that support consolidated management, the company has gained a high reputation in the market and has demonstrated an overwhelming presence. On the other hand, the business environment surrounding companies has changed drastically in recent years, and it has become important for management information to be used not only for operations and disclosure obligations, but also to enhance corporate value.
The background to this is the expansion of ESG investment and society's demand for sustainable corporate management; there is no future for the Avant Group without adapting to these changing needs, and we cannot be useful to society and customers if we remain complacent about the status quo. To move to the next stage of growth, the most important task of the Avant Group is to "become a software company that helps increase corporate value.

Strategic Approach

The target customers for the promotion of this materiality are "any company that is expected to increase its corporate value. In response to these customers, we will shift the core business model of the Group to "software-based BPO that helps improve corporate value," and at the same time, we will develop killer software that support numerous customers.

Our Goal

The Avant Group aims to establish a world-class software business based on the concept of "Software as a BPO" by addressing this materiality. In order to contribute to the enhancement of corporate value of many customers, it is essential to convert services into software. By promoting the “spreading accountability" and becoming an entity that has an impact not only on corporate management but also on capital markets and society, we will take a big step toward realizing our vision of "becoming a world-class software company.