AVANT Group ESG Risk Matrix






Biodiversity Conservation

Little direct relationship with the Group’s business activities

  • General Data Visualization
  • Brand building through publication of owned media, etc.
  • Sales of templates for collecting and visualizing non-financial information, etc.

Water Security

Waste and Recycling

A large number of PCs are disposed of every year, and recycling is necessary.

  • Use of recyclers before ensuring data security

Climate Change

Although there is little direct relationship with business activities, the fact no effort is being made to reduce carbon dioxide emissions may ne seen as a problem

Declaration of commitment to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and implementation of the following measures

  • Implemented carbon offsetting for all electricity used through green power certification purchases from July 2021
  • Established a system under which the CRM Committee evaluates climate change risks, examines countermeasures, and reports to the Board of Directors.


Human Rights and Local Communities

If actions that do not respect human rights (e.g., discrimination) become the norm, or if a serious accident occurs as a result of such actions, the brand may be severely damaged.

Consider taking action based on the basic policy of respecting human rights as stated in the Avant Human Rights Policy

  • Conducting human rights assessments
  • Create a harassment prevention manual
  • Regularly hold philosophy and diversity education session

If the company is at the level of an international blue-chip company, its appeal could lead to increased brand value.

Labor Standards

Regular violations of labor laws and regulations, or serious accidents resulting from such violations, may result in significant brand damage.

  • Ensure compliance with labor laws
  • Improving the effectiveness of hotlines
  • Scrutinize the results of GPTW survey and develop an annual action plan

Responsibility to Customers

In the event of a major problem in the quality of products or services, or a serious accident in the process of providing services, the brand may be severely damaged. In addition, if the company does not continue to maintain its mission of contributing to society and sincerely meeting the needs of its customers, its lon-term sustainability may be hindered.

  • Strengthen quality control and implement the Quality Declaration
  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys by AVANT
  • Regularly hold philosophy training

There is a possibility of increasing the brand value of the social contributions listed in the mission by promoting the results of those contributions as well

Health and Safety

Same as labor standards

Same as labor standards

Same as labor standards


Risk Management

Sustainability may be jeopardized by the occurrence of major risks that are not recognized or understood, or for which measures (reduction or transfer) are insufficient.

  • Strengthen disclosure of the Avant Group’s risk management system
  • Improve the effectiveness o CRM committees

Consider products and services that contribute to improving customer governance

Corporate Governance

There is a possibility that proper corporate governance will not be implemented and the maximization of shareholders’ interests will not be pursued.

  • Strengthen the disclosure of the Avant Group’s governance System
  • Organizational review, including transition to a company with committees


There is a possibility that the brand will be severely damaged if it is revealed that a serious violation of law has occurred. Insider trading is particularly risky due to the nature of the business

Strengthening the compliance system based on the Avant Group Code of Conduct

  • Implementation and reinforcement of insider training and other legal training
  • Improving the effectiveness of hotlines