The vision I drew when I founded the company was "Let's create a software business that is known to the world even if it takes time, regardless of any niche area." It is the origin of BE GLOBAL, the vision of "becoming a world-class software company" that has not changed since the foundation.


Toward this vision, the five year action plan called "BE GLOBAL 2028," which started this fiscal year, synchronizes the Group's business strategy with the Group's strategy by taking advantage of our experience, and puts us on a path to action to become a world-class software company.


Our strategic materiality, which is the vector of our business activities, is "to be a software company that contributes to the enhancement of corporate value." Not limited to listed companies, there are many companies that receive funds from investors. We contribute software to companies that consider the enhancement of corporate value to be an important issue. And with world-class performance. That's the vector.


Based on this vector, we will use software to enhance the ability of each of us to contribute to our customers and our productivity, and we will promote the return of remuneration, R & D, etc. with the improved profit, and through these processes, we will also increase our own corporate value. We will create such a value creation spiral.


A company is an organization in which many people can contribute to society through the enhancement of corporate value. There is no need to give up on challenges due to the limitations of individual capabilities and physical strength. Thanks to these efforts, we have been able to move toward our vision through friendly competition with people who can enjoy challenges together even after a long time has passed since our founding. Business growth is the growth story of an organization.


As a member of the Avant Group, where diverse people gather, I would like to contribute to society by contributing to the organization. We hope that you will enjoy the growth story of AVANT GROUP, a business group that aims to advance in business.



Tetsuji Morikawa
President and Group CEO,
Avant Group Corporation