Dialogue Policy with Shareholders and Investors

Aiming to create corporate value through constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors, the Group has established the following dialogue policy in its Basic Corporate Governance Policy.

Chapter 6: Dialogue with Shareholders
(Policy on constructive dialogue with shareholders)
Article 21 The Company shall endeavor to develop a system in accordance with the following basic policy to promote constructive dialogue with shareholders.

  1. The Company's CFO will oversee all activities for dialogue with shareholders, and the Company will secure personnel in charge of investor relations to plan and implement these activities in general.
  2. The Company shall provide accurate and unbiased information to shareholders through the cooperation of IR staff in cooperation with relevant departments during dialogues with shareholders, such as financial results announcements and investor meetings.
  3. The Company will take necessary measures to promote the exercise of rights by domestic and foreign shareholders by enhancing the means of constructive dialogue with shareholders based on the status of shareholdings and the opinions of shareholders, and by providing notices of convocation of general meetings of shareholders and information related to shareholders and investors with English translations.
  4. The Company shall regularly organize, analyze and report to the Board of Directors the opinions received in dialogue with shareholders.
  5. In accordance with the "Insider Information Management Regulations" established by a resolution of the Board of Directors, the Company shall thoroughly manage undisclosed material facts and engage in dialogue with shareholders without using undisclosed material facts.

Based on this policy, a director in charge of investor relations is assigned under the Group CFO, and personnel from all relevant divisions work together and cooperate to engage in constructive dialogue, and regularly report on the dialogue policy and the opinions of shareholders and investors at Board of Directors meetings.

Main IR Activities

Investor Meeting

Twice a year (briefing by Group CEO and Group CFO)

Meetings with shareholders and investors

104 times (fiscal year ending June 30, 2023)

Report to the Board of Directors

10 times (fiscal year ending June 30, 2023)

Dialogue with individual investors

For individual investors, we have a "For Individual Shareholders and Investors" page on our website that provides easy-to-understand explanations of our business activities and performance. After the general meeting of shareholders, we also explain our business and performance in the shareholder newsletter that is enclosed with the notice of resolution of the general meeting of shareholders.

Feedback from the Shareholder Communications Survey

About the Company's Strategy

Ride the DX wave well. Support.

Might be a bit of a tough phase, but good luck!

It is growing well and we ask that it continue.

I am happy to see that the stock price level has been rounded up in every quarter. Earnings per share have been growing steadily and we have high expectations for the future. Long-term holdings (permanent holdings).

I hope that Avant's strengths will become known to many people. We continue to support you.

Since I bought your stock last year, the stock price has been stagnant and I would like to ask you to do something to increase the stock price.

The total return was very impressive and felt identical to the company's growth.

Slow speed of product development. Since switching costs for consolidated accounting systems are high for large listed companies, we hope that they will continue to upgrade their systems and improve their stock revenues.

About IR

It is nice to be able to view the shareholder meetings online.

I would like you to post on your website the frequently asked questions that come from institutional investors and the answers to them, even if it is some time after the announcement of financial results when things have settled down.

I would like to speak directly with management.

The various documents on our website are more than sufficient. Continue this attitude.

Since this is a digital company, I would like to see a wide range of information sessions online.

The preparation of the integrated report for this fiscal year was good, but the level of awareness of the report is low. We would like to see more active participation in the media and IR events to raise awareness.