Shareholder Return Policy

  • The Company places dividends from surplus as an important part of its shareholder return policy. The Company aims to improve dividends steadily, rather than changing the amount according to the fluctuation in earnings by paying attention to such indicator as the dividend on equity (DOE). We will gradually increase DOE and aim to constantly exceed the average value of all listed companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.Over the medium to long term, the Company aims to achieve 8%, which is the average of the top 10% of all companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in terms of dividend on equity ratio.
  • In order to respond to anticipated changes in the business environment in the future, we would like to make effective use of retained earnings to develop and deploy competitive and attractive products and services that meet market needs.

Trends in Dividends per Share (adjusted for stock splits)

FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2023 FY2024
Dividend Per Share(yen) 1Q ------
3Q ------
FY-End 15.009.0011.0013.0015.0019.00
Total 15.009.0011.0013.0015.0019.00
Amount of Dividends(million yen) 281338413489564-
Payout Ratio(%) 21.422.021.923.927.0-
Ratio of Total Amount of Dividends to Net Assets(%)

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