Highlights of the Medium-term Management Plan "BE GLOBAL 2028"

Review of Medium Term Management Plan "BE GLOBAL 2023"

  • Both operational and financial KPIs were achieved, with both net sales and operating income nearly doubling during the medium term plan period.
  • However, the business model transformation targeted in the strategic KPIs was not achieved.

"BE GLOBAL 2028" Outlook

As a B2B software growth company, grow the business by increasing value creation productivity, tripling net income on a doubling of sales, for a net income CAGR of at least 25%.

The goal of "BE GLOBAL 2028"

Realize the strategic materiality of "Becoming a Software Company that Contributes to Enhancing Corporate Value" through a value creation spiral starting from the improvement of value creation productivity (measured by operating profit per employee) brought about by the software-driven strategy that leads to the creation of human capital value and corporate value.

  • Software-driven Strategy

Achieve profit growth through software specific strategies.

  • Main In house Software
  • Measures to achieve a software-driven strategy

In addition to the measures implemented by each operating company, establish a new Materiality I nitiative Office to promote the enhancement of value creation productivity throughout the Group, and implement the Group's strategic investments.

  • Capital Allocation

Assuming ¥20bn for growth investments and ¥5bn for shareholder returns (dividends) over the 5 year period of the medium term management plan.

  • Toward the Realization of Human Value Creation

Strengthening the spiral of human talent value creation to corporate value creation by making all employees shareholders.