In August 2023, the Company announced a five-year plan (target to be achieved in five years), which ends in the fiscal year ending June 2028, as its new Medium-Term Management Plan, and the fiscal year ending June 2024 is the first year of the plan. Ahead of the start of the new Medium-Term Management Plan, we have defined the materiality of the Avant Group as “to become a software company that helps enhance corporate value.” As a concrete measure to clarify what we aim to become during the period of the new Medium-Term Management Plan and realize this materiality, we have reorganized the group and been developing business activities as the new Avant Group on October 1, 2022. Through such initiatives, we have clarified the direction of each operating company. At the same time, by positioning each operating company in growth markets, we have created a structure that will enable us to achieve sustainable sales growth. On the other hand, we do not believe that we are at the stage of reaping the full benefits of the Group's reorganization in the early stage of the period of the new Medium-Term Management Plan. Rather, we expect that the effects will gradually become apparent over a period of five years. In addition, while the restructuring associated with the Group’s reorganization has been complete, it is our policy to continuously and flexibly make growth investment that is required for realization of materiality.

Although external factors such as inflation caused by soaring raw material prices and a concern over economic slowdown on the back of financial tightening pose a risk of affecting the Group’s performance, we believe that demand for the Group’s business will continue to increase over a medium to long term, as more companies seek to strengthen data-driven management and group governance.

As a result, the Company expects to achieve net sales of 24,000 million yen and operating profit of 3,850 million yen in the following fiscal year.

In accordance with our existing dividend policy, we will raise the ratio of dividends to net assets, always being conscious of exceeding the average of all listed companies, while at the same time striving to maintain stable dividends (in principle, dividends per share should not fall below the level of the previous fiscal year). We forecast a dividend of 15 yen per share for the fiscal year under review, without changing the forecast, and plan to propose a resolution for the payment at the general meeting of shareholders to be held on September 27, 2023.

Regarding dividends for the next fiscal year, there is no change in the above policy itself, we forecast dividends of 19 yen per share to achieve the ratio of dividends to net assets which is one of the targets to be achieved during the period of the new Medium-Term Management Plan.

(Disclosed on August 4, 2023)

Forecast for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2024


  • For the fiscal year ending June 2024, sales are expected to increase by 12% year-on-year to 24,000 million yen.
  • Operating income and net income are expected to increase at a rate greater than the rate of increase in sales due to the effect of increased sales and the reduction of the burden of restructuring costs incurred in the fiscal year ending June 2023.

The information contained in this material regarding the business outlook and other forecasts and strategies etc. are forward-looking statements and are determined within the range that could normally be predicted based on the information reasonably available to the Company at the time of preparation of this material. Investors should be aware of the risks, however, that actual results may differ from the business prospects described in the material due to the occurrence of extraordinary circumstances that cannot usually be predicted or the occurrence of results that cannot usually be predicted. The Company will proactively disclose information that is considered material to investors, but investors should be advised not to make judgment based entirely on only the business prospects described in this material. This material should not be copied or transferred for any purpose without permission of the Company.