The Avant Group's management philosophy is "Creating a 100-year company." In today's terms, it would be something like, "Create a sustainable and wellness workplace.

Although the expression may change, I believe that there is universality in what is important for people to enrich their lives through their work. One of them is the passion and action to "be useful for others. In our company, we call it "customer orientation".

From this passion and action, our mission of "spreading accountability" was born. If we make the management decision-making process "open," we will see more and more 100-year companies. And the workers and society will be happier. Our mission is to help make this happen.

This integrated report is the first volume for our company. First, we decided to focus on the "origin" of our passion and the "character" of our organization. This is because business activities are the actions of people no matter how far they go. I hope you enjoy this volume.

Tetsuji Morikawa
President and Group CEO
AVANT Corporation