Avant Corporation

Avant provides one-stop support for "visualization and maximization of invisible corporate value" for our clients, from consulting to system planning and construction, support for installation, and operation and maintenance, with a focus on group business management, consolidated accounting, and business management, and we develop our own software that serves as the solution for these areas. We develop the software that serves as these solutions in-house.
We handle a variety of global business management software, including DivaSystem provided by group companies, and provide optimal solutions for a wide range of customer business management issues.

Internet Disclosure Co., Ltd.

The company builds a database covering timely disclosure information of listed companies, etc., and provide a search service "Disclosure Net" to audit firms, etc.

Zeal Corporation

Through digital transformation, the company provides data platforms and BI solutions that organize, integrate, and analyze internal and external data, make it "visible" in the form of reports and graphs, and provide information useful for management decision-making. We provide support through consulting and system development. The company also develops its own cloud-based analysis platform, ZEUSCloud, and e-learning service, ZEAL DX Learning Room.

DIVA Corporation

In addition to developing the DivaSystem consolidated accounting system and related products such as DivaSystem Dx3-Advance and DivaSystem FBX, the company also provides outsourcing services for consolidated and non-consolidated closing operations using DivaSystem. We provide comprehensive support for the process of corporate value creation through information disclosure.