Avant Group's founding mission, "Spreading Accountability," is to create an environment in which as many people as possible involved in the business have access to quality information technology so that the company's strength as a public institution can be measured numerically, and to contribute to the process of improving corporate value through creative dialogue with stakeholders. We will contribute to the process of improving corporate value through creative dialogue with stakeholders.
Management information drives behavioral change and improves corporate value.


In recent terms, it is the digital transformation (DX) of management.
In the past, we have continued to search for the greatest impact we can contribute to society through our mission of "Spreading Accountability," and in 2021 we have verbalized this as our materiality: "Become a software company that helps increase corporate value. We then came to the conclusion that a group reorganization was necessary to realize what we were aiming for in this materiality.


On October 1, 2022, Avant Group is be re-launched. The new diva is responsible for the "Consolidated Financial Disclosure DX" to promote creative disclosure. The new avant-garde management information DX is responsible for visualizing corporate value. The new Zeal is responsible for "DX of data utilization infrastructure" to accelerate data-driven management. Through this reorganization, we aim to become "a group that contributes to the enhancement of corporate value through management DX.


In 2022, the Avant Group celebrates its 25th anniversary, and our corporate philosophy, "Creating a 100-year company," lies beyond the challenge of tireless change. We are now taking a new step forward to upgrade our impact on society and develop into a corporate group that is indispensable to the development of society. Your continued support will be greatly appreciated.


Tetsuji Morikawa
President and Group CEO,
Avant Group Corporation