Avant Human Resources Strategy

Each member of the Group shall act on a daily basis to “Create a 100-year company.” While each member acts independently, we also need to share an axis of organizational action. We position a common ground for organizational action as values to share, consisting of “OPEN, VALUE and STRETCH.” The concepts behind each are as follows.


OPEN The environment is constantly changing. Society is formed by relationships among people. We therefore value an organizational culture that emphasizes honest and honest relationships with all stakeholders.

VALUE The energy for action comes from passion. To generate this energy, we are constantly working to create new value and pursuing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

STRETCH Tackling sound challenges leads to a rich life. That applies to business as well. One challenge for us is to make creative, long-term contributions to our customers. While we enjoy change and pursue growth to accomplish challenges, we believe that focusing on this challenge will foster the vitality in each of us.

Important KPI for AVANT: GPTW※ score 70

At the root of this common understanding is the belief that the ideal organization is one in which people with sincerity and enthusiasm can work freely and openly. In order to realize such a positive spiral within the Group, each company has set a GPTW score of 70% as an important KPI, and management is responsible for the progress of the KPI.


※GPTW:GPTW:Great Place to Work®: A specialized organization that quantifies (scores) job satisfaction through surveys on job satisfaction and analyzes the results. It contributes to improving job satisfaction by extracting issues, solving them, and making improvements at various companies using the score.

Image of Purpose of Work


GPTW Scores at Group Copmpanies