TAM for Group Gvernance Business

  • Group management has become inevitable for Japanese companies to improve efficiency, reorganize industries, and expand overseas. The consolidated accounting system market should grow at around 6% due to the need to accelerate the settlement of accounts and strengthen disclosure.
  • As companies are required to ensure sustainability through DX, they need solutions to integrate and analyze various information for management decision making, execution and reporting. Management accounting and IBP market should grow by 30%

TAM for Digital Transformation Business

  • It has been two years since the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) released its "DX Report" with the aim of overcoming the "cliff of 2025" and promoting digital transformation (DX). Even in the DX Report 2, which was released in light of the changes in the environment during this period, only 5% of companies have adopted DX in earnest.
  • ZEAL provides comprehensive support for corporate digital transformation, from data platform construction to digital transformation human resource development.

TAM for Outsourcing Business

  • There is no other company that provides a wide range of outsourcing services from settlement of accounts to disclosure, and its strength lies in the know-how it has accumulated through the development, implementation and maintenance of consolidated accounting systems.
  • The market is growing 20-25%, supported by needs for DX reforms, siloing, work style reforms, and enhanced governance.