Contribute "Management DX" to companies whose management challenge is to improve their corporate value

The Avant Group aims to be an ideal organization that serves society by disseminating management information systems useful for the sound development of companies and to realize the Group's vision of "creating a world-class software company.  Founded in May 1997 as DIVA Corporation, we began by developing systems to produce consolidated accounting information, the basic language in which companies interact with their stakeholders. Since then, while expanding the scope of our business that include Internet Disclosure, Inc., a provider of timely disclosure information search services; Zeal Corporation, a BI system deployment support company; and Fierte Corporation, a financial closing operations outsourcing company, we have been involved in the development of management information systems to enhance corporate value, while accumulating know-how through our own practice of creating corporate value through group management.

Avant Group Value Chain

  • Consolidated accounting system has been installed in more than 1,100 companies, mainly listed companies.
  • Excellent human resources and expertise in solving customer issues

There is a widespread belief in the public and private sectors that in order to put the Japanese economy on a growth trajectory, companies must not simply become more efficient through digitization, but must also undertake a digital transformation that aims to transform their business models through the use of data and digital technology. On the other hand, in order to continue sustainable development while addressing global issues such as global warming and economic disparity, corporate managers are now expected to engage in close dialogue not only with shareholders but also with customers, employees, and local communities, and to consider the balance among economy, society, and environment. Recent moves to reform governance and strengthen ESG disclosure strongly support these needs. For companies, this means that in order to increase corporate value, it is now necessary to organize a variety of information, including financial and non-financial information, and make efforts to utilize this information in management decisions. Spreading Accountability," which is the mission of our group, is precisely the "Management DX" that changes company management through information technology, and we believe that our existence value and the needs of the times are beginning to match.

Growth opportunities for Avant Group

  • Management DX market growing rapidly to support customers' corporate value enhancement
  • Seize growth opportunities with a new lineup under the Avant Group

In the second half of 2021, Avant Group began formulating its next medium-term management plan. Together with the Group Corporate Strategy Executive Team, we started by reconfirming our management philosophy and summarized what the Group should do to realize our vision as Avant Group's materiality. After discussions in the Group Corporate Strategy Executive Team and discussions in the Board of Directors regarding specific measures to realize this materiality, we have decided to renew our organization and brand, effective October 1, 2022. We aim to accelerate the growth of existing businesses and create new growth businesses by further strengthening our existing relationships with customers and providing software solutions that meet their needs.

Contribute with "DX of Management" to companies whose management challenge is to increase corporate value.

SWOT Analysis of Avant Group


Top domestic market share in consolidated accounting systems


  • Relationships with more than 1,100 clients, mainly listed companies
  • Acquire know-how and human resources for financial closing operations through BPO services


Lack of adaptability to capture growth opportunities


  • Lack of group synergy
  • Limitations of in-house software-centered customer contribution



Management DX market showing 30% growth


  • Growing need for DX (data-driven management) in business and management
  • Governance reform, TSE market restructuring and mandatory ESG disclosure
  • Permanent shortage of professional personnel



Competing with implementation-based consultants


  • Market entry of implementation consulting firms
  • Increased difficulty in acquiring human resources





Growth Opportunities for Avant Group