Our Thoughts on the New Logo

We are a corporate group created to spread sustainable corporate management through the "spreading accountability" that utilizes information technology to realize management for all.
After a quarter of a century of activity, our mission has become more and more important to society due to changes in the social environment and technological evolution.
In order to pursue this mission together with our many customers and members, we have created a new logo mark as a banner representing our management philosophy.
The logo represents "Creation of a 100-year company" with 100 squares.
The "spreading accountability" is represented by a histogram-like gradation.

The will to be more useful to society is expressed as a bright color spreading from the lower left.
The fact that our business is a teamwork of people of various colors and personalities is expressed in black and white, a mixture of the three primary colors of color and light, respectively.
The new logo is not just a logo, but our credo expressed in a design.
By putting the meaning of this logo into words and linking it to our actions.

I believe that the circle of our activities will expand powerfully.


Tetsuji Morikawa
President and Group CEO,
Avant Group Corporation